Improve Patient Care Through Intelligent Management of Radiology Data

Access and analysis of quality clinical data is crucial for improving patient outcomes, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs. However, up to 80% of this data is unstructured, limiting its potential. This is especially true for radiology data, the vast majority of which is stored as unstructured text. Most radiology reports are documented in a ‘free text’ form, even if dictated into a template report, limiting the department’s ability to analyze and extract valuable information from them.

With Agamon’s HIPAA compliant solution, health systems and care teams can automate the identification, follow-up, and decision making for closing the loop on care gaps to transform care delivery, improve the patient experience and increase revenues.

Real-Time Assesment of Patients

With the ability to filter the recommendations based on various fields, including referring doctor, recommendation type, “overdue” follow-ups, etc.​

Glean Meaningful Insights From Data

Receive insights into the appropriateness of follow-up recommendations in the radiology department as well as trends in patient behavior

Prevent Variations in Care

By automating the recommendations and follow-up process

Put data to work with Agamon Network

The structured reports and corresponding images can be anonymized and compliantly shared with research organizations and vendors, generating a passive and continuing revenue stream

At one large private practice, analysis of pulmonary nodule follow-up showed a follow-up recommendation failure rate of 75%.

This translated to a $1.3 m loss of annual revenue for that large private practice. 


Early diagnosis also improves survival rates. Screening of people at high risk for lung cancer reduces lung cancer mortality by 20%.


Using advanced technologies - Natural Languages Processing and Machine Learning - Agamon can automatically structure million of reports and provide a tracking system for these follow-up recommendations.


We connect healthcare providers with companies who need to access accurate, anonymized and well-curated data to improve health outcomes through personalization, prediction, earlier diagnosis, better treatments and improved decision support for clinical processes.

This creates a new stream of passive revenue for the healthcare provider.

Benefit from Agamon’s distribution channels to companies looking to acquire high-quality healthcare data.




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